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 Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders
Hi! I'm Tyler Gallant and I am 20 years old who was born and raised in Benoit's Cove, just outside of Corner Brook. I'm heading into my 4th year at Grenfell to complete my B.Sc in Psychology. I'm also the vice-president of the Psych Society which helps raise money for mental health initiatives here in Corner Brook and to decrease the negative stigmas surrounding mental health. I honestly love Grenfell because I've met so many new friends and grown so much since beginning my studies. What I also love about Grenfell is that the professors are here to help you with anything! I spend most of my time trying to fit my thoughts into 140 characters on Twitter, watching recorded tv, or uploading pictures of my cat to Instagram. Oh and I'm a big fan of Nicki Minaj so come find me during orientation if you feel the same!





I'm Katherine, I'm 21 years old and I was born and raised in beautiful Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Now I'm a fourth year Psychology major! I absolutely LOVE Grenfell because it is a campus that nurtures, supports and motivates its students. This is a small campus with a big heart! My amazing peers and professors have helped me grow to be an outgoing individual. You'll probably get to know me through my work with the Psychology Society, helping profs when I can, or my tales from the Psychology Demonstration Room. When not at Grenfell...oh wait, I can almost always be found at Grenfell! Why leave when I can hang with the funniest, brightest and best people right here on campus? So grab your textbooks and your sweat pants because you're about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime!
Hey! My name is Christian Hamlyn, I am 19 and a second year student doing general studies! Growing up in Corner Brook, I have found my way as a photographer, sports enthusiast, and snowboarder as the town has so much to offer in the small region it bares.  I love Grenfell because of the small campus atmosphere that allows for many familiar faces, and close relationships between faculty, staff and students. The countless nights of events and concerts, coupled with the easy ability to travel off campus to enjoy the beauty and activities of the Bay of Islands, makes Grenfell the best campus to study.  Good luck meeting new friends, making new memories, and of course, study hard, but party harder!
My name is Jessica Dawe! I am from Corner Brook and a third year psychology student at Grenfell Campus. I am the Vice President Academic for the Grenfell Campus Student Union and the secretary for the Psych Society. Grenfell Campus is an amazing community filled with wonderful people! Get out and get involved in it! 
Alex White, 22, from Newfoundland. Last year in psychology program. I love Grenfell because it is very easy to slip out, save the world, and slip back in without anyone noticing.
chantal rochon.jpg
My name is Chantal Rochon I am a 4th year Psychology major (honours) from Hillview NL. I love Grenfell because the campus is small and the professor-student relationship here is awesome, everyone is so friendly! It is easy to get help from them. I usually hang out around the Psychology hallway and can be found playing basketball at the gym. My favorite thing to activity at Grenfell is playing basketball. Go warriors!












So here it is, My name's Jessica Croucher, I'm nineteen years old and I come all the way from the East Coast to study Nursing at Western Regional School of Nursing. I love Grenfell because what's not to like? Between the great people you will meet and the many of things offered to students outside of class, it's not hard to feel at home! Some of my best memories was with my residence family on 1st East and all the crazy shenanigans we planned throughout the semester. When I'm not hibernating under a stack of text books, you can find me jamming out on my fiddle or with my friends at any food/coffee joint. I'm looking forward to kicking off my second year of, both, Nursing and Grenfell. And that's all she wrote!

Hey, my name is Jordan Chaffey, I'm a twenty year old student that was born here in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. I'm currently starting my third year of University and it will be my second year at Memorial University's Grenfell campus. Here at Grenfell I usually spend my days looking into a degree in Sustainable Resource Management, while also doing Geography electives. When I'm not studying on campus, you might see me in the student lounge playing games, or having a chat with my friends. The lounge is quite an amazing place to sit down and talk to friends when you're looking for a good break.
I love Grenfell because its not just a school, its a lifestyle, you hang out with friends there and you experience learning in a much more enjoyable way here. There are also amazing activities on campus like trivia night, the poetry slam and much more to get you out in the open in a more comfortable and enjoyable way. I would say my favorite moment at Grenfell would probably be when the Bonne Bay institute came to the cafeteria to promote the institution by bringing tons of marine organisms down for people to play and see. When that happened, it brought out the biology nerd in me.
Hello, my name is Robin. I am 26 years old. I am from Port aux Basques, the beautiful gateway to Newfoundland and in my third year at Grenfell. I am studying French with a Folklore minor and hope one day to become an Elementary School teacher. I love to play video games and read books. On campus I love to attend Dry Trivia Nights and go to the concerts in the food court. I also love to go to the library, there's just something awesome about being surrounded by all those books!
I love Grenfell because it's a small campus, so you get to know just about everyone. My best experience on campus is when I helped my floor win first place in the haunted lounge competition during my first year. I also have good memories of scaring the pants off of people during the haunted lounge event my second year, getting up on stage and ranting like Rick Mercer during I fell for Grenfell, and tasting all those international foods during international night. I look forward to making even more great memories of my time on campus in the years to come.

My name is Stacey Elliott, Age 21, from Grand Falls-Windsor, 4th year psych major (social/cultural studies minor), i enjoy working out and listening to music preferably house/electro music, i'm a proud member of the psych society and plan on doing social work when i finish my degree. I love grenfell because it's a perfect size campus, it's not to big and not to small, the professors are always there to help and the students are friendly. I especially enjoyed grenfell campus when I lived in res during my first year of university, it was a really great experience and i met so many new people.

Tanisha Thomas.jpg
Hihihi, my parents named me Tanisha Thomas and I've been around for a little over 19 years. I grew up in rural NL, Sop's Arm to be exact, and it seems to be exactly the kind of place no one has ever heard about before. Here at Grenfell I study and love psychology and have been doing both for a year. My personal hobbies and activities at Grenfell tend to overlap, including several things such as cooking, playing cards/video games, hiking, reading, and hanging around in res lounges with new friends. My favorite activities on campus are the awesomely unique concerts, diverse international nights, and swimmyswimmy times in the lovely pool.
I love Grenfell because I met an array of marvelous people at res (who I now have decided I'd rather not live without) , I feel at home on the small campus, and I have a feeling I'm going to excel far beyond my academic expectations due to the great support received from my enthusiastic profs.
My name is Mike Dawe, I'm 21 years old and from Corner Brook, Newfoundland. I'm in my fourth year of study here at Memorial University Grenfell Campus, majoring in Environmental Science and Biology. I intend on furthering my education with Memorial and plan to complete my masters in Oil and Gas Engineering in the not too distant future. My favorite activity on campus by far is Tuesday Night Trivia and student appreciation days. I love Grenfell because of the small campus atmosphere, personable staff, small class sizes, and excellent tuition rates. I have learned and experienced a lot during my four years at Grenfell, and hope that each new comer will enjoy Memorial as much as I have!
I'm Ashlyn Biggin, I'm 21 years old, my hometown is Port Saunders NL and I'm a fourth year psychology major. I started university at Grenfell in 2010 and will be graduating with my degree in Psychology in spring of 2014. In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, walking in the park, and reading. On campus, I'm involved with the Psychology Society, and any project that pops up in the psychology department that I can help with. I love Grenfell because I know my professors and they know me, I'm not just a number and they're always around to help. I have many good memories at Grenfell, one of them being meeting all my friends in my first year who I'm still close with today.
NicoleDyer.jpgHey everyone, my name is Nicole Dyer and I am 20 years old. I am from a little Community on the Baie Verte Peninsula called Ming’s Bight. I will be starting my third year of my psychology degree. I am really excited to meet all new students and try to make their first few days on campus an exciting and memorable experience. I will never forget my orientation, I had so much fun during that time and made so many friends. I love Grenfell for a number of different reasons but I think the main one is all the new and friendly people you get to meet. When I am not in class I like to hang out with my friends on campus and really enjoy going to brewed with friends. If you see me around campus please don’t be shy and say hey.

Michelle Gosse
Port aux Basques, NL
I am a 2 year social-cultural studies student with a minor in tourism. (This is degree #2, i am a professional graphic designer by trade.)I have lived all over Canada, Europe and in China and Korea. I speak German and am a professional bellydancer.
While you are here you should get to know your roomates/floormates and take part in housing activities. My first year I lived on the girls floor and we always had movie and games nights and themed parties, so get out of your room and join in.
I love Grenfell because it offeres two great program, social cultural studies and tourism. The staff and faculty are amazing and small class sizes are a great benefit to students.
susanna applin.jpg
My name is Susanna Kirsten Applin, I am 21 years old and from Shoal Cove West, NL. I am currently enrolled in my 3rd year of Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) program. My hobbies include watching movies, hanging out with my friends, playing sports, volunteering with children's activities and reading. I love Grenfell because the professors enjoy getting to know you on a personal level instead of being considered just a number and they are always willing to help you with any problem whether it be course related or life related. My favorite memories on campus mostly include the events that are planned for the Psychology students and professors when we get to interact and do fun activities together such as scavenger hunts. I also very much enjoyed smacking Marc Thackery in the face with icing during the pie the prof event. With all that said the best experience for me was the wonderful people I have met and the friendships I have made with them. I am looking forward to what else Grenfell has in store for me and the memories I have yet to make!

My name is Caitlin O’Gorman, and I’m 19 years old. I grew up in Codroy Valley, NL. This is my second year at Grenfell Campus studying business administration. My hobbies include playing video games, reading, and watching anime. My favorite activities to do on campus are to go swimming and to visit the art gallery. I love Grenfell because it’s not a huge campus, but it’s big enough to find your own place in it.
Hey everyone, my name is Krista Reid and I am a sixth year Psychology student here at Grenfell Campus. I am from Port Saunders, Newfoundland, twenty four years old, and enjoy my free time jogging, hanging out with friends, swimming and just enjoying life !! I usually spend most of my time at the Psychology Demonstration room while on campus. I love Grenfell because it has given me the experience to learn new things which I would have never had the opportunity to do so if I hadn't attended Grenfell.. Some of my most favorite memories would be working with the GCSU Backlot. I have met some great people along the way, and defiantly memories I will never forget! And the study rooms at the library… well I don’t know how I am still allowed to show my ID and book one because me and my study buddies would spend our time laughing and get absolutely NO studying done! I have met some pretty great people in my six years and best friends that I will never forget. Sure hope everyone enjoys their studies at Grenfell.
Hi my name is Olivia Collins and i am 20 years old. I am from the tiny island of Fogo but I am currently living in corner brook for my third year. I am starting my 3rd year in the psychology program here at Grenfell and loving every minute of it! Grenfell has a great atmosphere filled with amazing people and awesome professors! I hope everyone enjoys attending Grenfell as much as I do!
Hi!  My name is Mary Jane Vickers and I will be a Grenfell Orientation Leader this fall.  I am going into my first year of studies at WRSON, but I already have a diploma of Early Childhood Education from CNA and have also completed a year of General Studies at Grenfell Campus.  I am also a certified Zumba® Instructor and will be hosting a class during orientation (hope to see you there!).  I know going to university can be terrifying for choosing majors, finding your way around and getting organized, but soon enough with the help of our leaders and campus supports you’ll be enjoying all our beautiful campus has to offer.
My name is Jodi Pike. I'm 19 and from Stephenville. I am at Grenfell doing a Bachelor of Arts in English & Geography, and I am in my second year. I love Grenfell because they are so many ways to get involved & get to know people. I am the Residence President for the Fall 2013 & Winter 2014 semesters. I'm also in the Grenfell Amigos Program, where a student from Canada is paired with an international student to help them adjust to campus life, and this has been an awesome experience. We go to organized group events, but also go hang out together. I like to bake, and some of my best memories are of baking treats and making cakes with and for my friends in the lounge. I also like crafts and DIY projects; I do card-making, scrapbooking, and candles, and love DIY projects.
Hey! My name is Samantha Sheppard. I am 20 years old from York Harbour, NL. I'm going into my fourth and final year of my general science degree (math/chem/bio stream). Aside from school, I spend my time hanging out with friends and keeping active. I love Grenfell because the small classes create a great learning environment. You have the chance to get to know your professors on a more personal level compared to larger campuses.

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