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 Student Leadership

Student Services is excited to offer students a full Student Leadership Program. Starting in October 2013 the Student Leadership Program will run until March 2014. The program is developed to provide a meaningful learning experience outside of the classroom for students in the areas relating to Student Leadership while building a sense of community among students, increasing student engagement and serving as a way to recognize the contributions student leaders make to campus and the community.
The program is comprised of 5 key components including a leadership conference, a winter workshop, as well as experiential, service, and reflective learning components. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to nominate students for this program. Candidates should be seen as student leaders and want to develop their leadership skills further.
Nomination Criteria:
Faculty, staff and students are strongly encouraged to nominate students for this program. Due to limited space, the following nomination criteria must be met to be considered for this program:


  • Nominees must be a full-time Grenfell student
  • Nominees must be in clear standing
  • Nomination package must be completed and submitted to Student Services (AS234) by the application deadline (Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013)


Program Outline:

  • One day Student Leadership Conference (Date and place to be determined) This conference promotes student leadership skills and leadership development.
  • Experiential Learning Component (October 2013 - February 2014). Participants must complete a total of 16 hours of Experiential Learning (volunteering). At least 6 hours must be on campus, and at least 6 hours must be off campus.
  • Winter Workshop (February 2014) - this 3-hour workshop will work to further develop leadership skills, and review student experiences in the program to date.
  • Service Learning Component (March 2014) - A two hour community service activity that will see the entire group of students participate in a community-orientated service activity.
  • Reflective Learning Component (March 2014) - this written and oral component will offer participants a chance to reflect back on their learning through the program and discuss their growth as student leaders.


Upon full completion of the program, students will receive a letter outlining the program, including specific program requirements, quotes from their nomination letter, and skills learned throughout the program.
For more information on the Student Leadership Program, contact Student Services as 637-6232 or visit AS234.



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