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To study the mind. To understand animal and human behaviour. Are personality, abnormal behavior and intelligence affected by genetics or the environment? Why do some people hate and others nurture? Can the unconscious mind influence behaviour?

Studying psychology at Grenfell College will give you skills and knowledge with lifelong relevance, particularly in the workplace: critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical abilities, effective writing and speaking skills.

Whether you pursue a bachelor of arts or science, your degree in psychology can lead to a variety of careers, such as lab instructor, police officer, employment training counsellor, group home director, social worker, speech therapist or physician.

Grenfell’s psychology programs also provide excellent preparation for graduate studies at the master’s and PhD levels in experimental, clinical and applied psychology.

What happens outside the classroom can be as important as what happens within it. Grenfell College is all about the environment, says B.Sc. (Honours) psychology graduate Matthew Parsons, winner of the medal of excellence in psychology. “Students can form relationships with their professors due to the campus’s small size and friendly atmosphere. These relationships can be of utmost importance, providing bonding, contacts and the essential supervision needed to perfect one’s skills. This attribute alone makes Grenfell College an institution unlike most others.”

Matthew Parsons, B.Sc (Honours)

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