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Professor Emeritus, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (McMaster). Retired 30 August 2007.
Dr. Greenlee taught Medieval, European, British, Irish, and Imperial history. A frequent college orator at convocation, he is also the author of three books and numerous articles, including Sir Robert Falconer: A Biography (University of Toronto Press) and most recently (with C.M. Johnston) Good Citizens: British Missionaries and Imperial States 1870-1918 (McGill-Queen's).
Professor, B.A., M.A. (Toronto), PhD (McMaster). Retired 30 August 2007.
Dr. Parker has been working on analyses of Poems 61 to 68 of the Roman poet Catullus. He is also interested in Greek Drama and Women in Greece and Rome. Dr. Parker was  involved in many other activities along with his academic interests. He is a composer of contemporary concert music and released a CD entitled LYRE: Chamber Music for Clarinet in October 1997 as part of the Cabot Celebrations Year of the Arts. Dr. Parker now lives in the Halifax area, and continues to teach on a part-time basis at St. Mary's University and Dalhousie University.
​B.A. (St. Mary’s), M.A. (University of New Brunswick), Ph.D. (McMaster). A "leave replacement" appointment in 2012-2013.
Dr. White's doctoral dissertation was on the local experience of the First World War in Devonshire, England. She has presented a number of conferences papers on topics related to her dissertation, such as the Women’s Land Army, denominational responses to war, and war diaries. She is currently preparing an article that examines the intersections of gender, class, and labour in the Women’s Land Army. Her teaching interests include modern Europe with a specific focus on twentieth century Britain.